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Scottish Artist Ann Tocoda
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"Life sometimes takes us on unexpected journeys, and to be honest, I never set out to be an artist, it just happened."

At age 20, I opened a design studio in my home city of Stirling, specialising in bridal wear and evening gowns. 
Successful  fashion shows resulted in clients buying 
straight from the catwalk and brides commissioning designs for their weddings;  including a wedding dress for a sportswear designer of an international fashion house.
 After being invited to enter into an in-store partnership with the prestigious Sears Group, I opened  luxury bridal and evening wear boutiques in Scotland's prime city locations.

However, life sometimes takes unexpected journeys, and after ill health reduced my ability to continue in the world of fashion, I turned to the creative outlet of painting and poetry. And what I found, was more rewarding than seeing a dress strutted
magnificently on a catwalk, then looking as wonderful on a client. 
For me, the art of painting is unique in being able to bring together my love of shape, colour and texture with the most important element of creativity - emotion.  And so, when I see a painting being wrapped to go to a new home, it's not the fact that it will hang in some beautifully decorated interior that inspires me to go on to paint something else, its knowing that what I have created  will share in the daily life of that person for years to come that fills my heart with pleasure. 
Statement..."I am proud to be self taught both as a designer and artist. Passed down knowledge is paramount in creating a foundation - but that can come from more ways than being taught by a teacher in a classroom. With a solid foundation, I have embraced what has always felt natural to me.  My fashion design allows for an expression of  sophistication and elegance; but my art allows me to extend on my love of colour and texture with the element of emotive narratives".

Ann x

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