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Couture Paintings

In order to design garments and jewellery for my paintings, I often look to Scotland's rich history for inspiration.

For these paintings, I spent time in the archives of Stirling Castle looking at old uniforms and the stunning array of buttons, badges and gems tucked away from public view.

I also poured many hours over the history of events and private letters.

I then designed each element in the paintings to reference emotion, history and lead the viewer to a story.
This painting called 'Ribbons of Pride' takes inspiration from the red jacket historically worn by the Scottish soldier, with changes to reference femininity.

She wears ribbons in her hair symbolising the courage of the bands men and drummers, as well as the legacy of the 'thin red line'.

Always, my style of design in my paintings
reflects my style of couture design...
...elegant and timeless, with the addition of drama.
The above painting is called 'Always and Forever' 
... it features two Tocoda Hearts...
a signature heart design I developed.
When it comes to texture and subtle differences, this painting is far more dramatic in life. However I wanted to share it with you as its one of my personal favourites for showing how a dress can become the focus on which to build fabulous textures and beautiful abstract 
within the painting.
If you want to see more, have a wee peak at the slide show.
Ann x
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