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I promised you pics
Christmas Exhibition
'not-so-secret mission'
February, Sometimes things don't go to plan!
January 7th 2012


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I promised you pics

Hi Everyone, I promised you some pictures of paintings with the jewellery medium I discovered. Here I am getting to grips with managing the flow and manipulating the medium to do what I want.

It takes a lot of patience to build the colours but slowly the painting builds.

To create a metallic background, the painting was finished with an overlay of silver, then detailed with gold leaf.

The pictures don't show the glass look quality or the different depths in the layers. Hopefully, I will get better at photographing this side of things for you.

Christmas Exhibition

I am ever so pleased with myself...not only have I completed my task of getting my Christmas exhibition to look like the spirit of Christmas...I have also came out tops with my wrestling match with a jewellery medium I discovered at my professional art suppliers.
Now this medium has no desire to be controlled as a mixed media on canvas and in fact is designed to be used in very small amounts..using a dropper to drop little drops.Well, when it comes to creating mixed media works the one thing I can assure is that I'm unlikely to use anything sparingly.

'not-so-secret mission'

Wow, I can hardly believe a year has gone by since the opening of the Golden Thread Exhibition. All the paintings (apart from a view set aside for a not-so- secret mission) are ready to move on to galleries and exhibitions outside the museum arena where they have been shown during 2013....and it's very exciting to begin the new works for the 2014 exhibitions.
Now, what is this 'not-so-secret mission' says you!...Ah well, it's not that hard to guess (especially as its written on the home page) and its all about fashion meeting art!

February, Sometimes things don't go to plan!

Sometimes things just don't go to plan...and sometimes that works out for the better.
I had planned my next  Fashion Meets Art painting inspired by the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders to be large and well under way by February, but something stopped me. It was a niggle that perhaps I needed to not rush head on into a single painting and do more development into how I wanted this series of work to look as a whole. So, I've been  reading about historic battles and building my source books without a care to time.

January 7th 2012

Well, we are seven days into the New Year already and I should have my decorations down but I don't. Instead I have been working on my web site, not fun...but once it is all done and dusted I can start in earnest on my next painting. I have decided on the subject and couture. The painting will be large and have two females...well it's about time someone had a friend.  All my other female paintings are solitary creatures.
The size of the painting should scare me..but large paintings allow for great expression in the backgrounds and  textures and so I am rather excited about getting started.

Gleneagles Christmas Exhibition

There has been little snow fall but lots of twinkle this Christmas and exhibiting at Gleneagles Hotel on the 17th and 18th December with just a covering of snow on the ground was simply stunning.
Before the first morning of the exhibition I wondered how the paintings would be received as all were on their first outing for sale and many were a departure from my previous works. So, when everyone started milling around and musing over the new works I was delighted with the feed back from admiring viewers and happy as a little elf  to wrap so many and see them go to beautiful new homes.

Summer Sunshine

What a Summer
What a summer...or should that be, what summer? It seemed to never start. I had hoped for long lazy days on the deck outside my studio, painting and taking in the sun. Well surely that's one of the perks of an artist, to have the benefit of enjoying the outdoors in the better weather.
Mmmm...the reality was that my summer days were spent setting up the big table and easle on the deck only to run back in to the studio with the fear that the rain was going to splurge my latest creation.


Hi everyone, it's been a busy month of painting fairies...yes fairies! They may be unexpected..but then fairies often are! I didn't expect to paint them and now I can't wait to paint another. You see, these fairies are very special, they are inspired by  beautiful premature babies.
Jessica Fairy is inspired by baby Jessica who has brought so much love to her family. Jessica Fairy carries a heart...this is a secret message referring to the wonderful fundraising for neonatal that is being done in Jessica's name.

Spring is in the Air

Hi, it's March, Spring is in the air and I'm in the mood for new first painting in my new series of Beautiful Women with the new Tocoda Heart is near completion and I'm looking forward to beginning the second.
Also, you can now purchase my fine art prints via the web and you can find details of this by going to the Purchase Prints Page.

It's February already!

It's February already and my life as an artist over January 2011 has been mainly producing artists impressions of Catherine Brengen's new Scottish Couture Collection. Catherine is a  Scottish wedding and evening wear designer who is hugely respected in the wedding industry and has dressed over 2,ooo brides in the most wonderful and varied styles of gowns.
Catherine asked me to do the artists impressions of her new designs some months ago and since then has invited me to design a few pieces that will be part of the 2011 collection and that I can have photographed for use as source material for my paintings.
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